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Sunday, September 8, 2013

FF&B Smash...Crash...& Stash...Who To Start...Not Start...& Pick Up Before Anyone Else Does!

Smash QB. / Andrew Luck vs Raiders
* Everyone gets open in this one as Luck takes his game to the next level. 4 touchdowns!
Crash QB. / Geno Smith vs Bucs
* Like Tim Misney always says: "I'm gonna make'm pay!" Won't finish the game against an improved Buc's "D."
Stash QB. / Sam Bradford vs Cardinals
* Undrafted in a number of leagues, the light bulb finally goes on for "Sling'n Sammy!"  

Smash RB. / DeMarco Murray vs Giants
* He's not hurt anymore. 120 yards and a score.
Crash RB. / C.J. Spiller vs Patriots
* Not much on the ground, maybe 40 yards receiving.
Stash RB. / Giovani Bernard vs Bears
* Speedy back causes Bears nightmares. 80 yards receiving and a score.

Smash WR. / Julio Jones vs Saints
* Ryan goes up-top early and often to Jones who destroys the Saint's secondary.
Crash WR. / Danny Amendola vs Bills
* Slow start for Amendola along with the emergence of Kenbrell Thompkins.
Stash WR. / Kenbrell Thompkins vs Bills
* Undrafted free agent tore it up in pre-season and will continue to do so. 100 yards and a score.   

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