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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why The Browns Need Tim Tebow

The Browns need Tim Tebow, (Insert laugh here). The trouble is...I'm not laughing and neither should you Browns fans. Last week our beloved Browns took the field in what was our home opener. Everyone I knew felt the team was going to walk away victoriously by beating the not so exciting Dolphins from Miami. We got trounced by an aggressive Dolphin "D" who made Browns quarterback Brandon Weedon long for the days when he could throw a 90 mile an hour fastball, and not have to worry about the batter trying to rip his head off. This kid just doesn't have what it takes to be a winner. After trying his luck with baseball and now football, there's always arm wrestling, hotdog eating, and the soapbox derby. At twenty-nine years of age, he may be too old for the derby. Thus enter the incredible Mr. Tebow. So Mr. Haslam, Mr. Banner, and Mr. Lombardi, here are my ten reasons for signing Timmy...

1. THIS TOWN NEEDS SOME EXCITEMENT! After years of listening to the slap happy Pat Shurmur and now Chud the dud and Banner's bantering, let's spice things up a bit. Tebow will bring the spotlight to Cleveland. It would be the story of the year..."Castoff quarterback leads team that the NFL forgot to the playoffs."  

2. Tebow has more to prove than Brandon Weedon and is almost four years younger.

3. Tebow has almost 1,000 yards rushing in just three seasons. Weedon can't escape pressure and doesn't even know when he's being pressured.

4. Tebow has won the Heisman Trophy, a college football national championship while with the Florida Gators, and beat the Steelers in the playoffs as a member of the Denver Broncos. He's a WINNER!

5. He's passed for 17 touchdowns and ran for 12 more. He's the quarterback you want in the game inside the five yard line.

6.  He averages 5 yards per carry running the football. Trent Richardson averages 3.6 YPC.

7. He's a lot harder to game plan for. Just ask Steeler's head coach Mike Tomlin.

8. He's been playing football since he was a baby,  (Read: Tebow - Through My Eyes). Brandon Weedon is a baseball player turned football player. We're not talking Bo Jackson here people!

9. Let's hear what Jet's receiver Jeremy Kerley has to say about Tim... "Different than Mark, different than Mark," Kerley said at the NFL Pop-Up store on 41st today. "(Tebow's) ball comes out a little bit stronger, but he's accurate, he's more accurate than what I thought he was going to be. But he's a good dude, he has a great personality, he'll bring a lot of personality to the team." All in all Kerley thought Tebow was a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez, and the Browns would love to have Mark Sanchez under center.

10. If Norv Turner is the quarterback guru that everyone says he is, than Tim Tebow could be his final masterpiece.  

                                                          IT'S TEBOW TIME!

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