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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dear Santa, Please Give Our Browns...

1. A quarterback that won't break when you wind him up and place him on the field.
2. A secondary that when you pull their string they just shut-up and play football.
3. A right tackle...Oh and maybe a right guard, Oh and maybe a left guard. Scratch that. How about a new set of blocks!
4. Sonic The Hedgehog action figure who will start at running back and keep his legs moving long after he hits the line of scrimmage.
5. A new "Mingo," I mean "Bingo" game!
6. An all expenses paid trip for wide-out Josh Gordon to Middlefield, where he will be able to hang out with the Amish this off season. Early to bed, early to rise!    
7. A franchise quarterback in this year's college draft. Call me greedy but maybe another QB later on in the draft...just in case! 
8. A new gift  shop in the stadium that will sell Browns jerseys with velcro letters and numbers. The perfect gift for that diehard fan.
9. A sharp looking lid for the stadium. "First Energy" would then become more energy efficient.
10. For  Browns fans everywhere.....The gift of HOPE. We seemed to have misplaced ours!     

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